Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brighten Up With Chicky D

I love this time of year. The garden is just bursting with color. 

Two years ago we planted two yellow rose climbers on either side of our front porch and this year they have made the most beautiful show of blooms reaching to the roof. I love the look of my house when it is surrounded with flowers. 

We also planted a whole row of new Skip Laurel trees across the back boundary of our house. I'm so looking forward to them spreading out and adding to the atmosphere I'm trying to create around the deck in my yard.

In spring and early summer I always get the urge to change or add new things in my house. They don't have to be big, just something to brighten up the place after the drabness of winter. This is why I was so drawn to Danielle Saletzki's shop Chicky D. 

Danielle is a graphic designer and she has applied her skills to creating  accessories and gifts for everyone from newborns, toddlers and teens to brides and businesswomen. She welcomes custom orders so be sure to contact her for your decorative needs.

One way of brightening up a home after winter is to add brightly colored cushions to your sofa and chairs. If you don't  find one to suit your color scheme, custom order one in your color and pattern. I love this one because it matches the sectional in my TV room.

Pastel Flowers with Bubble Accent 18 inch Pillow WITH FORM

Flowers and bubble shapes in soft pastels are perfect for any girl's room or nursery! Mint green, buttercream, and light pink are as soft as this 18" inch pillow.
An 18" pillow form is included. Best of all - it is finished with an envelope closure for easy removal and cleaning.

I'm careful to wear a hat in the bright sun and always look for one that is stylish while at the same time casual enough to wear every day. This cotton canvas hat is so charming and I love the two coordinating yo-yo accents and buttons. 1 small and 1 extra-small yo-yo give this hat a real sense of style. The hat is adult sized and non-adjustable with elastic in the back to allow for extra room. 

My granddaughters love bows for their hair and I love decorating gifts with colorful bows, so this beautiful bow caught my eye immediately.

Funky Multicolored and Rainbow Ribbon - Tulle, Korkers and Loopy Bow

This loopy bow accented with tulle and korkers is on a 2.5" French clip and measures approximately 5.5"

What fun this shop is! I so enjoyed visiting it and you will too.


  1. It is a great shop, and Danielle is so easy and fun to work with...love the hat.

  2. Trust you're Ok and that it's because you're on vacation that there's been no posts recently, because Have just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award - http://ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com/2012/08/Libester Blog Award.html. Thanks for all the enjoyment I've had reading your posts, and for your friendship. Long may it continue!

  3. Thank you. I have been very neglectful of my blog and, yes, I am on vacation. So good to hear from you. I appreciate your support and the award.