Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Charm of Blue and White

CC from Bluewhitewear has lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 9 years and you can see the influence of her travels in 

her charming jewelry.

I love turquoise jewelry so this piece immediately attracted me. This Turquoise and Pearl Necklace  has a smooth oval turquoise bead, a rough turquoise nugget, and a creamy white round freshwater pearl - all on a delicate silver toned chain.

Ancient cultures considered turquoise to be a symbol of wealth. This stone protects the wearer from negative energy and brings good fortune. It is the symbol of friendship. A special gift for a special friend.

Because coral is so popular at the moment, I couldn't resist the Chunky Coral Necklace. It has a matching bracelet and together they make a bold fashion statement.

This chunky red coral necklace has a mixture of coral in different shapes and sizes! Faceted black onyx beads finish each end.

Coral is known as the garden of the sea and is worn to prevent bad luck. It supposedly helps visualization and meditation.

What fun these earrings are! A real conversation piece!

 If you are tired of always wearing a matching pair and feel adventurous, why not try these. The lock and key charms are silver toned and make a great pair of earrings! Each charm measures about 20mm in length (under 1 inch).

For something different, visit CC's BlueWhiteWear. Great gift ideas!


  1. Thanks so much! A wonderful feature!

  2. Not sure I'd be able to focus on the key and lock earrings and not look as though I'm staring at the wearer! But then, I have to wear glasses to look at anything anyway, so maybe I could mask that! Love the workmanship in them though, and they stand out from the blue and white that predominates in the shop - which always catch my eye when I visit.