Monday, April 16, 2012

Featuring Borettoart

In  this blog I'm going to feature a very accomplished artist, Lesley Boretto from Sydney, 

Australia. On her website you will find a variety of art works to delight 

your senses. 

Lesley, who grew up in an artistic family, surrounded by art,  creates her unique and
eye-catching paintings using her favorite mediums: acrylicmodelling compoundpaperlinen canvasoilinkgluefoam boardgold lief

The first painting for you to see is Alien Models 

chose this painting because I love the flow of movement expressed by the figures and the vibrant use of color.

 This is an original acrylic painting on canvas.

Because the beginning of summer has us all looking forward to the holidays, I want to show you Manly Retro, a fine art print of Manly beach. Notice the attention to detail and all the activity taking place on the beach.

I chose this last acrylic painting on canvas, 
Flower Bouquet, to show you how versatile Lesley is in her choice of subject matter.

 Again, I love the use of color here and the pleasing arrangement of the subject matter. Because she loves flowers so much, but they do not last in a vase, she decided to give them the imortality they deserve by painting them.

Please go to her website - I'm sure you will get as much pleasure from her art as I did. Good luck, Lesley, you are truly a very talented artist!


  1. Fab feature on a talented team of artists. I heart Boretto Art


  2. Whenever I go to here shop, I get to feel that warm Australian sunshine! Nice post: really enjoyed the choices.

  3. Thank you so much for this lovely interview and all this kind comments!!!