Saturday, April 21, 2012

Experience Hawaii Through RedemptionArt

When I look at Connie Haskell's shop,  RedemptionArt, it evokes fond memories of a dream vacation in Hawaii many years ago.  This shop has a distinctly Hawaiian flair with its unusual and interesting  range of vintage, hand made, re-purposed and unusual products.

Seashell Vase Ceramic Hand Made Vintage 
I chose this item as it made me feel like a walk along one of the glorious beaches I remember with nostalgia. The delicate colors enhance the natural flowing lines of the shell. What a great conversation piece on your coffee table!

If you love vintage copper and 1950s pieces, this Vintage Copper Pitcher West Bend Moscow Mule would look great filled with some of the beautiful spring flowers that are bursting out in bloom all around us!

This type of pitcher was typically used to mix Moscow Mule a vodka based drink and you can find the recipe on Connie's shop, RedemptionArt.

Are you planning a beach vacation this summer? If so, you will definitely need this Vintage Purse Sunny Hawaii Bamboo Summer

What a gorgeous tote to really celebrate the summer with!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting this fascinating shop with me. Next time you need an unusual gift, remember to visit RedemptionArt.


  1. Goodness, the fabulous vintage finds by Redemption Art continue to amaze and delight me!! That bamboo handle tote is a must-have for summer!


  2. Thank you for the feature DeeDee! Joy and Debbi, I am always honored by your support. The sun is finally shining on a daily basis, I am recovering from the flu...and things are looking up. Thank you, my team mates for your patience with me this past week! I'm sharing this article on my social networks...thank you again!