Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stitching with Stitch princess

For years I loved sewing and made all my children's and many of my own clothes. Faith Snowden and I have something in common in that we both started out hand sewing at a very young age and soon graduated to using a sewing machine. Unlike Faith, I got lazy and took the easier, but not necessarily the better way of buying what we needed.

When I saw Faith's beautiful work, I really felt inspired - who knows, she may have lured me back to my machine!

StitchPrincess is Faith's shop on Etsy. Her specialties are casual and evening dresses, skirts, aprons, purses, and small quilts. All of her products are hand- or machine-sewn by herself, and she loves custom orders! 

I chose to highlight this dress because I would love to be wearing it right now. 

Summer Dress, Pink Sundress w/ Pockets, hot pink fabric and white lace trim, high neck, modest--Ready-made size 6

The new spring colors feature bright pink and coral. You will be in the latest fashion with this beautiful dress which is made of cotton/polyester blend fabric (machine washable) in hot pink with orange and white flowers. A wide white cotton lace trims the waistband and hem, adding a cute touch. 

This dress is made in size 6, but can be custom made in any size or fabric. 

This skirt reminds me of one I had as a teenager. I love it!

Brown Skirt, One-Size-Fits-Most, Reversible

Knee-length skirt, fits up to 52” hip. One side is made of 16 panels (8 different vintage fabrics); the other side is made of unbleached muslin (100% cotton). Includes white lace trim (attached to muslin but visible on both sides), elastic waistband, and white ribbon drawstring.

If you are looking for a trendy purse roomy enough to take all your goodies, this is it.

Reversible, pre-quilted fabric purse, printed with environmentally-friendly messages, such as, "Think Green," "Energy Efficient," "Save Our Planet," and "Tree Hugger." Seams edged with white bias tape. Includes white ribbon ties and black handles attached with white plastic rings. 

I hope you've enjoyed this visit to Stitch Princess. Be sure to visit Faith's shop on Etsy.