Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brighten Up With Chicky D

I love this time of year. The garden is just bursting with color. 

Two years ago we planted two yellow rose climbers on either side of our front porch and this year they have made the most beautiful show of blooms reaching to the roof. I love the look of my house when it is surrounded with flowers. 

We also planted a whole row of new Skip Laurel trees across the back boundary of our house. I'm so looking forward to them spreading out and adding to the atmosphere I'm trying to create around the deck in my yard.

In spring and early summer I always get the urge to change or add new things in my house. They don't have to be big, just something to brighten up the place after the drabness of winter. This is why I was so drawn to Danielle Saletzki's shop Chicky D. 

Danielle is a graphic designer and she has applied her skills to creating  accessories and gifts for everyone from newborns, toddlers and teens to brides and businesswomen. She welcomes custom orders so be sure to contact her for your decorative needs.

One way of brightening up a home after winter is to add brightly colored cushions to your sofa and chairs. If you don't  find one to suit your color scheme, custom order one in your color and pattern. I love this one because it matches the sectional in my TV room.

Pastel Flowers with Bubble Accent 18 inch Pillow WITH FORM

Flowers and bubble shapes in soft pastels are perfect for any girl's room or nursery! Mint green, buttercream, and light pink are as soft as this 18" inch pillow.
An 18" pillow form is included. Best of all - it is finished with an envelope closure for easy removal and cleaning.

I'm careful to wear a hat in the bright sun and always look for one that is stylish while at the same time casual enough to wear every day. This cotton canvas hat is so charming and I love the two coordinating yo-yo accents and buttons. 1 small and 1 extra-small yo-yo give this hat a real sense of style. The hat is adult sized and non-adjustable with elastic in the back to allow for extra room. 

My granddaughters love bows for their hair and I love decorating gifts with colorful bows, so this beautiful bow caught my eye immediately.

Funky Multicolored and Rainbow Ribbon - Tulle, Korkers and Loopy Bow

This loopy bow accented with tulle and korkers is on a 2.5" French clip and measures approximately 5.5"

What fun this shop is! I so enjoyed visiting it and you will too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Charm of Blue and White

CC from Bluewhitewear has lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 9 years and you can see the influence of her travels in 

her charming jewelry.

I love turquoise jewelry so this piece immediately attracted me. This Turquoise and Pearl Necklace  has a smooth oval turquoise bead, a rough turquoise nugget, and a creamy white round freshwater pearl - all on a delicate silver toned chain.

Ancient cultures considered turquoise to be a symbol of wealth. This stone protects the wearer from negative energy and brings good fortune. It is the symbol of friendship. A special gift for a special friend.

Because coral is so popular at the moment, I couldn't resist the Chunky Coral Necklace. It has a matching bracelet and together they make a bold fashion statement.

This chunky red coral necklace has a mixture of coral in different shapes and sizes! Faceted black onyx beads finish each end.

Coral is known as the garden of the sea and is worn to prevent bad luck. It supposedly helps visualization and meditation.

What fun these earrings are! A real conversation piece!

 If you are tired of always wearing a matching pair and feel adventurous, why not try these. The lock and key charms are silver toned and make a great pair of earrings! Each charm measures about 20mm in length (under 1 inch).

For something different, visit CC's BlueWhiteWear. Great gift ideas!

Stitching with Stitch princess

For years I loved sewing and made all my children's and many of my own clothes. Faith Snowden and I have something in common in that we both started out hand sewing at a very young age and soon graduated to using a sewing machine. Unlike Faith, I got lazy and took the easier, but not necessarily the better way of buying what we needed.

When I saw Faith's beautiful work, I really felt inspired - who knows, she may have lured me back to my machine!

StitchPrincess is Faith's shop on Etsy. Her specialties are casual and evening dresses, skirts, aprons, purses, and small quilts. All of her products are hand- or machine-sewn by herself, and she loves custom orders! 

I chose to highlight this dress because I would love to be wearing it right now. 

Summer Dress, Pink Sundress w/ Pockets, hot pink fabric and white lace trim, high neck, modest--Ready-made size 6

The new spring colors feature bright pink and coral. You will be in the latest fashion with this beautiful dress which is made of cotton/polyester blend fabric (machine washable) in hot pink with orange and white flowers. A wide white cotton lace trims the waistband and hem, adding a cute touch. 

This dress is made in size 6, but can be custom made in any size or fabric. 

This skirt reminds me of one I had as a teenager. I love it!

Brown Skirt, One-Size-Fits-Most, Reversible

Knee-length skirt, fits up to 52” hip. One side is made of 16 panels (8 different vintage fabrics); the other side is made of unbleached muslin (100% cotton). Includes white lace trim (attached to muslin but visible on both sides), elastic waistband, and white ribbon drawstring.

If you are looking for a trendy purse roomy enough to take all your goodies, this is it.

Reversible, pre-quilted fabric purse, printed with environmentally-friendly messages, such as, "Think Green," "Energy Efficient," "Save Our Planet," and "Tree Hugger." Seams edged with white bias tape. Includes white ribbon ties and black handles attached with white plastic rings. 

I hope you've enjoyed this visit to Stitch Princess. Be sure to visit Faith's shop on Etsy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wine Charms and More from Absolutely Kismet

Have you ever been at a party or function where you put your wine glass down and then, when you look for it, there are a whole bunch of them together and no way of knowing which one is yours????

Well, my blog this week features AbsolutelyKismet, because this shop has the answer for you with her charming wine charms. What a great hostess gift!

I've chosen to show you Bow Tie Wine Charms w/.22 Shell Casing Dangles - Set of 6
Using .22 brass shell casings with a colored bicone in place of the bullet she has created a beautiful dangle which is attached to a ring of crystal beads.The bicones come in dark blue, light blue, purple, red, green, and amber.              
Try these for your next dinner party - they will be a real conversation starter!

Necklace - Bright Orange Shell 17.5"/44.5cm

If you've noticed the new summer fashions, you will see that orange and coral clothes feature very prominently. This beautiful bright orange necklace  is made from dyed mother-of-pearl shell. The length is 17.5 inches (44.5cm. It will be a perfect accessory for your latest fashions.

Turquoise Bracelet for 6.5" (16.5cm) Wrist

Another popular spring/summer color is turquoise and I love the simplicity and elegance of this bracelet. Keep it in mind next time you go clothes shopping and need something to add a dressy look!
Such a fun shop! Don't forget to visit the next time you need a gift.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Experience Hawaii Through RedemptionArt

When I look at Connie Haskell's shop,  RedemptionArt, it evokes fond memories of a dream vacation in Hawaii many years ago.  This shop has a distinctly Hawaiian flair with its unusual and interesting  range of vintage, hand made, re-purposed and unusual products.

Seashell Vase Ceramic Hand Made Vintage 
I chose this item as it made me feel like a walk along one of the glorious beaches I remember with nostalgia. The delicate colors enhance the natural flowing lines of the shell. What a great conversation piece on your coffee table!

If you love vintage copper and 1950s pieces, this Vintage Copper Pitcher West Bend Moscow Mule would look great filled with some of the beautiful spring flowers that are bursting out in bloom all around us!

This type of pitcher was typically used to mix Moscow Mule a vodka based drink and you can find the recipe on Connie's shop, RedemptionArt.

Are you planning a beach vacation this summer? If so, you will definitely need this Vintage Purse Sunny Hawaii Bamboo Summer

What a gorgeous tote to really celebrate the summer with!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting this fascinating shop with me. Next time you need an unusual gift, remember to visit RedemptionArt.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Featuring Borettoart

In  this blog I'm going to feature a very accomplished artist, Lesley Boretto from Sydney, 

Australia. On her website www.borettoart.com you will find a variety of art works to delight 

your senses. 

Lesley, who grew up in an artistic family, surrounded by art,  creates her unique and
eye-catching paintings using her favorite mediums: acrylicmodelling compoundpaperlinen canvasoilinkgluefoam boardgold lief

The first painting for you to see is Alien Models 

chose this painting because I love the flow of movement expressed by the figures and the vibrant use of color.

 This is an original acrylic painting on canvas.

Because the beginning of summer has us all looking forward to the holidays, I want to show you Manly Retro, a fine art print of Manly beach. Notice the attention to detail and all the activity taking place on the beach.

I chose this last acrylic painting on canvas, 
Flower Bouquet, to show you how versatile Lesley is in her choice of subject matter.

 Again, I love the use of color here and the pleasing arrangement of the subject matter. Because she loves flowers so much, but they do not last in a vase, she decided to give them the imortality they deserve by painting them.

Please go to her website - I'm sure you will get as much pleasure from her art as I did. Good luck, Lesley, you are truly a very talented artist!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DeeDeeDzyn: Daffodil Season

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